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Other Services

Other Services

Gift Cheque

Gift cheque is the type of gift certificate in the form of card into which the value can be encoded. Gift cheque are mostly used as a present for wedding and birthday celebration. Recipient can take cash out from the amount printed on gift cheque at MAB bank branches. MAB bank will collect service charges 500 kyats per each gift cheque.

Bank Guarantee

In doing business, organizations or businesses take Bank guarantee to make secure and safe in financial issues. Banks also give guarantee for business and business also need to deposit at bank. Under the laws of Central Bank, MAB will collect commission fees for bank guarantee service depend on cash amount and time.


MAB perform remittance service to our branches throughout the country using Online system and it can reach to customers in a minute. MAB connect with A Bank,AGD Bank,Ayeyarwaddy Bank, CB Bank,Kanbawza Bank, Nay Pyi Taw Sibin Bank,Shwe Bank and SMIDB small and medium industrial

Development Bank and, thus customers can transfer money through MAB bank to these bank branches. Remittance charges are 0.05% per 100 kyats. (Minimum 200kyats remittance charges and fax fees 500 kyats)

Bank Certificate

Bank certificate is a written statement signed by a bank official, stating how much money a company or person has in the bank on a particular date. Customers use this service when they go study abroad or visa application at embassy.

Payment Order

Payment order is kind of cheque and it can be used for cash payment between business to business and business to government. It is guaranteed by bank and one of the secure ways of cash payment.