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Visa Card

Visa Card

MAB’s Multi-Currency World Travel Money Card

Visa CardThe MAB’s Multi-Currency World Travel Card is a MAB-branded VISA Prepaid card that allows you to purchase goods and services, in three different currency (SGD, USD, EURO). MAB VISA prepaid card will let you enjoy the wonders of global shopping, online shopping and other services with a lot of Visa privileges. Multi-Currency World Travel Money Card is the perfect travelling partner, whether you’re off on a short holiday or leaving for the adventure of a lifetime!

Get your own MAB’s Multi-Currency World Travel Card

You can easily apply at any MAB’s branches nationwide. Once you receive the card, you can straight away enjoy using your new World Travel Card!

Balance Enquiry

MAB provides customer Web Log-in for quick and easy 24×7 online accesses to your prepaid card account so that you can log on to and check your card inquires and transactions anytime anywhere. (Recommended browser: Internet Explore)

Way to TOP UP your MAB Visa Prepaid Card

  • Fill to Top Up Near MAB Branches.
  • Top Up easily from your MAB MOBILE BANKING.
  • Top Up your MAB Visa Prepaid Card from your MPU card account.
  • Fill MAB Standing instruction Form Link with saving, current & foreign account.


Card Benefits

  • 3 wallets (SGD,EUR,USD)
  • Secured
  • 24/7 Online Web Portal
  • MABA Exclusive Health Check and Other Privileges
  • ATM, POS & Ecommerce
  • Easily Reloadable
  • No monthly fees & annual fees


Minimum Age 18 years and above
Nationality Myanmar citizens and foreigners
Required Documents NRC (or) Passport
Email Address

Fee & Charges

Card Fee 10,000 MMK
Replacement Card 10,000 MMK
Bank Statement over the counter 2,000 MMK
Reload Fee Nill
Reload with USD 1% (min USD 10)
Mobile Banking Top Up 500 MMK
Card To Card Transfer Service
USD 500 > USD 5
USD 500 < USD 10